Hey there! I'm Ben. 
Thanks for taking some time to look at my work. 

I am currently a Video Producer at Golf Digest Magazine from a small town south of Dallas. In my spare time you can probably find me riding a Citi Bike around New York, running to an intramural volleyball game or binge-watching the latest Netflix original series. 

Sports have always been an enormous passion of mine. From little league baseball to High School basketball to collegiate triathlon, I have always found myself in some sort of athletic competition. I hope all of that experience shows through in my work.

Notable Life Achievements and Honors Include: 

- Covered my first Masters Tournament in Augusta, GA as a photographer/editor for Golf Digest Magazine. 
- Celebrated Kings Day in Amsterdam (google it).
- Won the lottery!! ... to run the New York City marathon. 

- Covered my first Olympics Games in Rio De Janeiro as a photographer/editor for Golf Digest Magazine. 
- Won a co-ed intramural volleyball championship as a member of Team "We Could Carry Less."

- Completed all 10 seasons of Friends between the time I graduated college and the time I started working at Golf Digest (Roughly 30 days).

- Finished my first sprint triathlon with a time of 1:27:37 and was voted "Best Smile" by my teammates. 
- Earned a third consecutive summer internship at Sports Illustrated.
Successfully put my hand up Kevin Durant's shirt while holding a conversation about the FIFA World Cup. 

- Lead The Wombats (collegiate intramural flag-football team) through a deep playoff run as starting QB. 

- Successfully navigated my way home after getting tragically lost in the middle of Amman, Jordan. 

- Started my first High School basketball game as a
6' 4" junior shooting guard. 

- Hiked to the summit of Volcán Agua outside of Antigua, Guatemala with my dad and three brothers jumping over flowing streams of molten lava.  (This really happened)